Hes A Liar

The Bee Gees

He's A LiarBee GeesI was stood by the light as I looked through the windowWith the greatest intention not meaning to seeI was there in the dark and I saw you togetherYou were up in his arms , I was down on my kneesGet the cards on the table No need to pretendYou've got to be cruel to be kindHe can sell you his love and you know yo will pay 'causechorus 1He's a liarHe's a liar and I should know liarHe's a liar and I should know - ahhh Well, they told me I fell but I just don't rememberI was standing face down, they were there at my feetThere was smoke in the air and sweet smell of leatherI was through the window and down in the streetWell, I'm cold and I'm hungry but I'm still aliveAnd it's not how I want it to beThere's a hand on my shoulderHe said I'll survive ,but- chorus 2He's a liarHe's a liar, and I should know liarHe's a liar,and I should know-ahhh releaseWas it not for the man that was blocking the driveWas it not for the red limousineI'd be millions of miles from th scene of the crimeAnd somehow in this madness believe she was mine -but chorus 3I'm a liarHe's a liarAnd I should know liarHe's a liarAnd I should know-ahhhHe's a (repeat and fade)

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