The Antichrist


(Lyrics - Hanneman; Music - Hanneman, King)

Screams and nightmares

Of a life I want

Can't see living this lie no

A world I haunt

You've lost all control of my

Heart and soul

Satan holds my future

Watch it unfold

I am the Antichrist

It's what I was meant to be

Your God left me behind

And set my soul to be free

Watching disciples

Of the satanic rule

Pentagram of blood

Holds the jackal's truth

Searching for the answer

Christ hasn't come

Awaiting the final moment

The birth of Satan's son


From a life I live


Is what I give


Is what I love

The down fall,

Of the heavens above

I am the Antichrist

All love is lost

Insanity is what I am

Eternally my soul will rot [rot... rot]

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