Circle Of Beliefs


(Music and Lyrics: King)

Can't explain the other side

Answers lost before their eyes

Violence surges from inside

A state of mind that never dies

Born into a chosen way

Life that doesn't fit today

To die a painful death it seems

Is better than your misery

Contemplating rearranging

Changing all your ways of thinking

(Lead: King)

Everyday your life seems like

It's pushed into a hole

Acting out another's needs

To rule a soul eternally

Adjusting to another set

Of values takes its toll

Growing in a lunacy

That plays on your stupidity

Circle of beliefs

Secrets never keep

Living in a lie

Right before your eyes

Born without a brain

Helpless in your name

All you do is pray

Living is your pain

(Lead: Hanneman)

Mentality so small you can't

Accept another side

Your point of view a memory

Because it doesn't mean a thing

The resurrections waiting for

A world without a sin

The temples all will crumble

While awaiting for it to begin

Circle of beliefs

Secrets never keep

Living in a lie

Right before your eyes

Losing is your way

Mental destiny

I can see your strain

You don't want to be saved

(Lead: King)

Can't you see no validity

Must control silencing of souls

Show decay spreading through your brain

Devastate the deviant will dominate

Can't you see there's no validity

Your way is not the only way

Slow decay is spreading through your brain

Don't you see the power of the enemy

Tyranny total supremacy

Control the silencing of souls

Slavery within the entity

Devastate, dominate

Can't explain the reason why

Someone would rather live than die

If dying is the only way

Top end a life of mental sins

All your life he's been the cause

A man impaled onto a cross

Pure religious holocaust

If religion dies it's

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