Mr. Freeze


You will be the lucky one

Who will see the deadly one

You will die on your knees

By the hand of Mr. Freeze

Will you see when the rest are blind

Will you remain frozen in time

Will you flee underground

Watch the blanket search the ground

You will die on your knees

By the hand of Mr. Freeze

Horror awaits for those who evade

Ice cold blood stops in their veins

Arm yourselves to the T

Repel the threat of Mr. Freeze

See the blood drop in your eye

See your family burned alive

I don't even know you

I just know where you live

I raided your child's bedroom

And burned his virgin skin

I crucified your nation

I left the dead rot

I parade down the street

Carrying an iron cross

The oceans have been ripped away

It does no good to pray


Men restore to cannibalism

I'm worth all you'd care for

Then I'll fuck you in the ass

I'm so fucking happy

I'll kick your face and laugh

Today's war stories

At night you can hear him scream

There's blood on your pillow

This is no bad dream

You try to think with reason

But all you can do is scream

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