Jesus Saves


(Lyrics - King, Music - Hanneman, King)

You go to the church, you kiss the cross

You will be saved at any cost

You have your own reality


You spend your life just kissing ass

A trait that's grown as time has passed

You think the world will end today

You praise the Lord, it's all you say

Jesus saves, listen to you pray

You think you'll see the pearly gates

When death takes you away

For all respect you cannot lust

In an invisible man you place your trust

Indirect dependency

Eternal attempt at amnesty

He will decide who lives and dies

Depopulate Satanas rise

You will be an accessory

Irreverence and blasphemy


Jesus saves, no need to pray

The gates of pearl have turned to gold

It seems you've lost your way


Jesus saves, no words of praise

No promised land to take you to

There is no other way


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