At Dawn They Sleep


(Lyrics Araya/Hanneman/King; Music Hanneman)

Awakened I have become

Light now slips away

Manipulate your mind

Darkness is my slave

Taste the sins of Hell

The blood that I so crave

The last thing that you see

Is the hunger in my eyes


Blood sucking creatures of the night

Nocturnal spectre hiding from the light

Cries screaming out every fright

Eagerly awaiting plight

Apparitions from the pits of Hell

Death plagues the streets in which they dwell

Demented lust, the secrets they must keep

Addicted to your blood

At dawn they sleep

Unveil the hidden coffin

Lift the lid of terror

Feel the deadly cold

Freeze you from inside

Perceiving your intentions

To slay the phantom form

Raise the stake in malice

You cannot plunge it down


(Lead - King, Hanneman)

Beware the image unseen

Stalks your soul

Your corpse's redeem

Eternal damnation you just reward

A servant of our Lord

By your accord

Admonish of the cruciform


Immortality's scorned

Rise hold fast your faith

To lie dormant

Is certain Death

[Driven by the instinct of centuries of horror

Implanted along the brain of the sickening parasite

Linked together by one trait

The Hell-filled need to kill... kill... kill... kill... KILL]

Emerging from their Hellish tomb

Taking flight amidst the night

The evening skies are raining Death

Swooping down from shadowed skies

Taking simple human form

Shed their wings to stalk the mortal man

Lock their jaws into your veins

Satanic soldiers strike their prey

Leaving corpses waiting for the change

Blood dripping from the jaws of Death

Not enough to satisfy

They must drain your soul of life

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