Fight Till Death


(Lyrics - Hanneman; Music - Hanneman)

Metal and men clash once more to the end

Warriors above with the power to kill descend

Militia of blood troops of hate march to die

Soldiers of Hell veterans of death arise


Prepare for attack

Your body will burn

Endless war

There's no return

Prepare for attack

Death will arrive

Your orders are clear

No way to hide

Fight till death

Senseless death of all mankind overtakes

Armored assassins destroy at will your escape

Children of sorrow are trampled into the grave

There is no future no [fucking] world to [be] save[d].


[To reign in Hell]

Gods of steel unleash their destruction on man

Reign of death what is the final command

Sceptors of hate are dropped upon the Earth

Clouds of terror destroy all hope of rebirth


[Fight till death x 3]

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