Kill Again


(Lyrics King; Music Hanneman/King)

Lurking in the dismal fog

Hungry for your blood

Seeking harmless victims

Satisfy my needs

Schizophrenic lunatic

Uncontrolled desire

Rape and ravage lady fair

Pledged to die


No apparent motive

Just kill and kill again

Survive my brutal thrashing

I'll hunt you till the end

My life's a constant battle

The rage of many men

Homicidal maniac...

Trapped in mortal solitude

Lift the gleaming blade

Slice her flesh to shreds

Watch the blood flow free

Hatred growing stronger

None survive my wrath

Suffer from the throbbing pain

Yield your life to me


(Lead - Hanneman, King, Hanneman, King)

Kill the preacher's only son

Watch the infant die

Bodily dismemberment

Drink the purest blood

Unrelenting need to kill

Death upon you now

Anxiously awaiting

Next in line.



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