Seen It All



I seen it all from the great channel wall

While we brawl babies crawl to the leaky leak down fall

Many of men die for the get high

And why blatant bloody murders with twenty for alibi

Natural disasters the real hidden masters

Open road lives got grazed in green pastures

High priced to low portfolios with no clothes

In bungalo's dealing with some cons and pros

Open flows the show, go and blows a-stray

Licking shots at the beaken like in JFK

Crazy thousands of faces, a few car chases

In places, power moves mad with no traces

Welcome home embraces in families of racist

I hate this, still yet I hide from the faceless

Some tape thier flow guns thinking that they're shoguns

Say, "Yea, we'll produce ya, but ain't fucking no ones"

Hybrid, subtiva, big bud grabs his skunk

Number one flying high on my way to the sun

[Chorus: Remedy]

I seen it, freeped it, lived it, peeped it

Fucked up gangsters, jokesters and prankers

I seen it, freeped it, lived it, peeped it

The backstabbers, the click, smash and grabbers

I seen it, freeped it, lived it, peeped it

Blowing out of speakers, hundred dollar sneakers

I seen it, freeped it, lived it, peeped it

Keep your ears and eyes open


Master lock-picks, cess, candy-apple corvettes

Crazy gambling, debts, bets on the internet

Trances, day-to-day chances, catching glances

Hard rocks in stance, three hundred g advances

Disease through injection to spread the infection

Protection, stay aware, we're the masters of deception

Moving like the French Connect', change like seasons

Tales of high treason for unknown reasons

Made men turning over, playing dead like rover

Seen the fie