Chant The Anthem


featuring Killarmy

* only released in Europe mainly French rap does have 3 Wu Tang tracks

[Intro: Remedy (Islord)]

Chant the anthem let that beat go what what

Chant the fuckin anthem we got the Remedy

For all you mother fuckers ails

(what what what what) Word up chant the anthem

Chant the anthem chant the anthem chant the anthem

We got the Remedy for all your fuckin ails

(Yo, what, what, what, what), chant the fuckin anthem

(We got the Remedy with the sword

For all your fuckin ails, yo, yo, Killarmy)

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo


The laws of physics keep us ground to the solar

The soul controller, secondary to the power of polar

Magnetic tendancies with mobile independancies

Essentially balls in energy, man kind yearns for Remedy

Rival countries declare war for control of the land

Money and power, man, but Street's is demand

By the hour, daily mixtures, predictions by biblical scriptures

Your life's a non-fiction, that's your picture that hits ya

Vision quest, the true test of fruits, the nature's temptation

When man is the devil and the greed of the nation

There's no excuse for the iducin, elusive for seducin ya

Abuse of the mental's defusin ya, confusin ya

Inconclusiveness, thought can't be taught with no nucleus

That's truth in this, truth master, self-exclusiveness

For glory, the blood of a million spills, a long stories

It suits ya, Remedy forever givin knowlege for the future

[Beretta 9]

There's no devil without the God, no time's without the hard

No struggle without the strive, we all fight to stay alive

In this wilderness, who missin off, my nigga's soul leak with the safety off

I observed through the corner