Everything is real


(Yeah. Yo. What's upyo?)
What's up? (You got that shitright?)
Yeah. I got it. (Good let's go then.)
*police siren* Ahfuck!

Check your mirrorthe scence couldn't get no clearer
Exhaling you with intentions of nailing you
They heard about canary rap sung through word of mouth
Blow your engine out beyond regional doubt
The stash housenext crash house
The thirty six z's for a brick in the smash house
Sealing his pump jacks, release the pressure vac'
Pressed the powder pack, craving gets that
Cock my hammer back, what the fuck you looking at?
With your hat turned back, dipped down in black
These twenty two CI's like you and me, street guys
The eyes of the yellow man disguised in lies
They got the okay to make buys, slaughter the flies
On the rise, planning my dimise
Lucky if you see the next day, never dawned on you
Sun rise, open up your eyes, yo, thier on to you

[Chorus: Remedy]
Sunlight shines on my steel, everything is real
What I see, what I feel
Face the fears, yo, what's the deal?
We must conceal, take a spin on life's wheel

I'm on the lane with a package of raw 'cane
And I'm waiting for a pick-up, carrying like stick-up
Licking my lips out, fast flips, dips for action
Cash rules, my only attraction
My man selling point, v'fer grams off his beeper
Let it be, come see me, I've got the same shit cheaper
Check the spot, the whole shit's hot
It's dead on the block cuz somebody talks a lot
Yo, forget me not, two kids shot, in future not
Knew the plot, blew the spot, never forgot
>From South Beach to Springville in big body benzes
Through New York to the landfill and we're making no menzes
Level four vests and zoom lenses
The bully all high and them Shaolin Island kids profiling
It take place, no discrimination of race
What a waste for the spotlight just to get a taste


Maybe the kid you're running with's and informant
He got a fat file with the DA that just lay dormant
Inditments for quigles, convictions followed appeals
And dismissals got you thundering, can't help but wondering
The club scene, a hundred books of acid and who's on exstacy
Who sniffs shit and who's right next to me?
Big John's on a cycle of steroids
Him and his boys got behind, we've gotta go kill the noise
Put my life in my man's, hitting speed
On one fifty, one fifty-five, closing in on one sixty
A pound a month habit, son, I can't stop smoking
No joking, you never know, I'll probably die choking
Smoking weed and leaves with Albanian thieves
Together plotting up schemes that we all believe
Mad tricks up the sleave and
We know when you're coming and leaving
and we gotta get even
Sunlight shines on my steel, everything is real
Pray and kneal, take a spin on life's wheel