i'm waiting till the day dawns waiting till the day star rises

twilight's faded to the dusk and the dusk to the midnight

and the fields are ripe for the harvest of the grain

can i be with you in your kingdom?

can i stand by your side as you reign?

like a thundercloud will you say my name out loud?

will you say that you know me?

when i stand before you on your white throne

will your scepter sway? will you smile and say i am blood bought?

i've been tried by fire and washed in the rain from your mountain

from your holy hill, can i drink my fill from your fountain?

with the echo of your voice in my ears as i stand by the sea of glass

the moon is red, blood red, and the sun's black

pillars smoke upon the horizon and empires will fall like towers crumble

down to the ground- the dust won't settle in the distance

the hour and the power of darkness will rear its ugly head again

to blind the eyes of men when the whole world's on fire

but out of the dust, out of the wreckage, prophets stand in the rubble

preaching from the flames of a kingdom coming

when all of nature groans and when she aches

when the mountains quake, the earth shakes and men's hearts break

and fail for fear then you know that the end is very near

heaven open, sprinkle stardust in my eyes from the day that's dawning

hear me call, rise the Day Star in my heart- my King is coming

a billion neon watts light the city that man made

but it doesn't hold a candle to the grandeur, to your majesty

i'm looking to the hills and i'm looking to the mountains from whence comes my help

and i can see the faint glow of a sunrise that will shoot time dead with golden arrows

hasten the day, come take your bride away

send your cherubim chariots to carry the conquering children home to the promise land

bright and morning star paint the sky so far with the colors from the dawn

of an eternal day that will chase shadows away

that will set up light upon a throne in the center of it all