Perfect Place


would you take a seat in heavenly places

turn around and remove the shoes from your feet

if you want to stand on holy ground

come enter in by a new and living way

don't cast away your confidence now

we can begin to come boldly before the throne

the perfet place this grace will allow

love came into time from infinite planes

to make a way

and deep cries to deep

much further the reach that takes me away

all that i've done dust in the balance

but for the veil

under the sun a speck in the spectrum

life's a vapor vanishing

but for the love that cannot fail

can you hear the news from a nation

that you have never been to

can you hear the distant echo of a tune

you've never heard

do you know there is a deeper relation

you have never entered into

threaded from your heart hangs a weight of glory

that can't be described by words