upon a hilltop is a city with walls built of fire

for a glory for a defense for inside her walls

requests are rising higher

angels enter glory on a ladder stretched from earth

she answers every gaze in sapphire vision

etched with worth

the wealth and the treasure on the inside

burn from her eyes

in transparent, brilliant blue that burns completely

and colors the skies

she's tried by fire, yet not consumed

she scents her praise with sweet perfume

Fire Eyes come light the skies tonight

and send down angels from your throne

to pierce the darkness with their sabers of light

as i rest my head upon this stone

cut diamonds shimmer from all angles

and burned glazes shine

gold always becomes much more precious

when passed through the flame

she's bathed in promises and she's renewed in her mind

as angels descend again-preparing her

to carry her away

she's under siege encamps the adverse might

but on these city walls she's not alone

a thousand chariots line the hills tonight

to rock the forces that oppose the throne

descends a city and she's arrayed in light

the day has dawned when you shall take my name

she's set apart she's clothed in radiant white

the day has dawned when I will call you mine

for I Am The Same yesterday, today, and forever