Michael O'Reilly


Michael O'Reilly he's a desperate man
Fighting for his liberty
Michael O'Reilly he's a dangerous man
Fighting for his family

Michael O'Reilly he's a peaceful man
He's not a man too shy
Michael O'Reilly he believes in life
So he's not afraid to die

Hey Hey Hey
Don't be sad today
The people always win in the end
There'll come a day
The guns rust away
And Ireland will be free again

Michael O'Reilly truly loves his land
He loves it with his heart and soul
To his family he's a patriot
A rebel by the law he is called

There is only so far you can beat a dog
Before he turns around to bite
There's only so long you'll abuse a man
Before he stands up to fight

CHORUS X2 Repeat
CHORUS X2 Repeat

Sing it
Hey Hey Hey
There'll come a day