Tomorrow Is Heartbreak


Bitter X it must feel better

Holding that grudge

It's a feeling so familiar

Not unlike love

Unrequited she's scarred in hatred

Yesterday's moving [repeat]

It's easier to locate

A better nest

Tell them you never lived in such a mess

Emily at her best in black

Reminds them all to stand back

At a distance they won't notice the act

All that she lacks

You can see up close she's bitter

Remembering wasted dinners

Can't expect the creep to stay long

But he's not the one who pissed her off

Today is denial [repeat]

It's easier if she won't

See him again

He's just another trip best forgotten

Emily may be odd

But she always gets even

It's not unlike love

Emily will find him again short-term boyfriend Emily, you'll always be alone

Tomorrow is heartbreak [repeat]

So bitter X I'm sorry

Sorry I bit that hook

I'm just a bad clich in your black book