Bro Dependent


I try to focus on what I hear,

Listen to what I see

I've thought of this a lot,

And it's becoming all too clear


I take it, in excess,

As my true feelings are suppressed

I can not find the words to say it,

Without hurting

Not listening to what you say,

Now watching the things you do

As you take a dose of grief,

As you insist there's no relief

Perhaps another drink

And you take, it in excess,

As your true feeling are supressed

You can not find the way to cure it,

Without hurting

You cure it, but it seems your problem

Still remains

Obsession, compulsion my friend,

Overdoing evertything

So focus on what you need,

Listen to what you hear

This is the last time I listen,

It's becoming all too clear

I'm completely confused here

[repeat chorus]

I've spoken all too soon