I've been living for years in question, some obsession

Was I less to live with no answers, as a life cried wolf

I'm ashamed to mention my anguish, but silence lies empty

If I say it again can I kill it, will you lend me your ears

Breathe in breathe out exhale, acting sweating

A broken smile provides them a view, projection is nothing new

Just once I would like them to feel it, suffer in my skin

For a moment stand in my shoes, filled with swelling blues


I keep this room, and this room keeps me, chained to my organs

I am quarantined, to a place that's dark, staring at three walls

The door is locked to them

Maybe now that they all know it, you?ll find solace

As you're drowning in narcissism, or is it self-loathing

Cause you fought it all in your head boy, psychosomatic

They used to humor you now they pity you, and nothing's changed

[repeat chorus]

The door is locked behind me, if I say it again can I kill it

Because they're sick of my complaining and i am sick of being sick

Maybe these will cure you completely, chemicals deeply

Saviors until you're dependent, don't let them go to your head

I'm ashamed to mention my anguish, but silence lies empty, silence lies