Shaving Your Head


We used to watch them fall,

And we saw them distraught

But the attention that they got,

It surrounds them

For years we watched them enslaved,

And we could only laugh

What a loser what a shame,

Said we'd never play the...


And now it seems you

Haven't learned the lesson

I guess you have to share the pain

And now your tainted blood

Leaves stains behind your back

And in their words I hear your shame

How can you lie to me,

In your eyes I can see

Glazed and vacant,

As you're caught in the act

You've always wanted this,

Now you feel the stab

Are you happy to be sad,

Is there pleasure in the...

[repeat chorus]

As it make you sick,

Do I make you scared

When you see what you once were

As you're shaving your head

The scared boy thinks he's safe

If you can't read his eyes

but you can read,

You can read his eyes

His lies