Beer Googles


The turn out tonight is weak

The crowd is looking meager

Only 40 to 50 in the flock

but 3 more beers and I'm playin' Woodstock

And you can probably see that we're not all that tight

A couple more drinks will alter your sight

That does not mean fight

I'm not saying I have to be drunk

but tequila shots make it more fun

I'm havin' fun


Oh, Beer Goggles

I love to put them on

Next to eachother at the bar

She's thinkin' he's the one

I'm thinkin' where's my car

She thinks I look good

Obviously she didn't smell that fart

"Oh, what kind of cologne is that you're wearing?"

Hey man, it's a start

"Hi, my name's Barbie"

"My name's Ken"

The perfect couple 'cause we're drunk in the head

I'm drunk again

(Repeat Chorus)

And one size fits all!!!