E Dagger


Come on E; try to go easy

We can do anything [repeat]

Come on E; we got it covered

We can stop anytime [repeat]

Come on E; it's just a party

Let's go to party town

Then we can party down

Come on E;

Check out my funny hat

My name is Randal

I wrote you this song

Can't you see that all we need

Is one night to release?

It's bound to be the last

In all of its glory

Come on E;

Raise your glass to the sky

Drink to the song that plays,

Olden days, whatever

I just want to get


Don't be a bummer

Look at this summer day.

The sun is rising once again.


Can't we have just one night

Without all this self-destruction?

I just love my husband.

I can't live without him

Come on E; we're goin easy

It 's just a party

Time to get gnarly

Come on E; try to go easy

My name is Randal

It's nice to meet you

We are always here to make you laugh


Lagwagon is a punk band based in the small town of Goleta, California. Forming in 1990, they have released seven albums, all through San Francisco label Fat Wreck Chords. They are widely viewed as catalysts for the pop-punk movement of the 1990's, opening the door for some of the subgenre's more mainstream bands.

The most recent members of Lagwagon include Vocalist Joey Cape, guitarists Chris Flippin and Chris Rest, bassist Joe Raposo, and drummer Dave Raun. ... selengkapnya

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