Goin' South


"Goin' South" by lagwagon

Gotta drive all night if not a go

Got to designate a driver before the show

It's your turn now at the wheel

There's nothing like a guard rail

To wake you up in the middle of the night

And we are drivin' north, goin' south

It looks like we'll sleep here

We're out of beer

We're headed south on the north bound

Our wheels might as well be square

Cause we're not really getting anywhere

Tire tracks throughout, felt the brakin'

I don't think we're gonna make it

Drivin' around, goin' down

It looks like we'll sleep here,

I need a beer

South, goin' south, check us out we're goin' south

South, headed south, check it out, we're goin' down

South, goin' south