You'z A Ganxta

DJ Quik

Siide! Oh no it's '98 y'all & we got some new shit

What we say? Yes ha ha fade the world in this motherfucker

that's right oh check it out


Fuck what ya heard baby I'm DJ Quik

whether on T.V. or in these streets I'm still the shit

I went from drinkin' eight ball and makin' demos

to drinkin' Hennessey & Chivas Regal in the back of the limo

Gettin' my issue in life you can't hate that

and when I tell you about yo' self nigga you can't take that

'cause y'all be cross fadin' if you don't understand

you got a side and I got one but you be crossin'

over here to see what's in my hand

Yeah but that's cool too I gets my money on the double

that's what I do hittin' them brown bubbles and avoidin' trouble

hoes to choose with nothin' to lose

& a million mothafuckas wanna be in my shoes

But you don't understand, beyond the parties & cheer

I been broke my whole career breakin' bread with my peers

bought a '96 Impala the new SS

before the 20,000 mile mark I gave it to Sid

I could never bust a new shoe if my nephews ain't got 'em

Fila Jumpman Cortez yeah I'm comin' out the pocket

for my homies in the 'hood up on it when I'm around

'cause there's a difference between bein' a thug & bein' down now


Bang bang boogie da bang da bang boogie to da

boogie bang boogie da bang fuck what you sayin' nigga

You's a gangsta!

No I'm not!

Nigga you's a gangsta!

No I'm not!

Nigga you's a gangsta!


Just 'cause I kick it with killers don't mean that I do it

my occupat