Down Down Down

DJ Quik

[Featuring Suga Free Mausberg AMG]


My name is Quik & I be moving fast like a race car

but I'm top seed #1 like the pace car

Whether you up on me or you chillin' way far

you can tell almost immediately that I'm aced off

So listen muthafucka why you comin' off hard

my objective is to catch you off guard

get covert & infiltrate yo' clique

crack yo' shit & mack yo' bitch

Now tell me could you conceive a nigga all up in her beaver

givin' her the love fever for hours at a time before I take a breather

and when she tell me she loves me I don't believe her

'Cause I rock in stereo or mono hot like gonno-

rhea burnin' everytime you take a pee uh

So when you see a nigga out with his girl

then baby play like you don't know me & we'll keep in a twirl

because baby I go deeper than the deep blue seas

Baby do you really wanna play the flute on me?

I'll give you a sack & take it back & you'll die to get it

little punk 'cause I'm fly with it


When we come up we gettin' down down down

Step in the club they give us pound pound pound

Lookin' for somethin' that be nice brown & round

DJ Quik & AMG with a brand new sound



I told her don't chase it but you can place it

in between your jaws to taste it

or leave it in the basement

I be the riddler that's too familiar get in the middle of ya

and then I diddle ya, dick ya down 'til it tickles

smack the booty with no pimples

caress ya back then rub ya nipples

Baby I'm a crack fiend get the KY & if I'm at a jiggalo

baby say hi fly like a eagle in a Range Rover or a Regal

lookin' for the party people