So Many Wayz

DJ Quik

featuring 2nd II None Peter Gunz

Yo this is DJ Quik

And quite frankly

I think we gotta be some of the baddest motherfuckers

that ever fuckedwith rap music

Cause this album right here is on some old cool shit

If you don't believe me

Just give me three and a half seconds and I'll show you

You ready?

One one and a half

Two two and a half

Three three and a half



Got my niggas 2nd II None up in this bitch

My nigga Peter Gunz

That's right

AMG, El Debarge, Playa Hamm, Hi-C, Suga Free

Check this shit out

I'm like fries in a skillet

Much too hot to hold

I'm strong and I'm handsome and black

Plus I'm bold

A mental case

Sometimes stressin

But then I flip

Because you got to go crazy on Hollywood for your grip

And you know ain't no room in my mirror for your face

And if I got y'all confused like Rubik then state yo case

Yet creepshow suckas keep tryin to submerge mine

But I can hold my breath for a long time

I emerge with treasures and coins

A thick sack

And your life ain't mine to take

Now kick back

Cause if it don't make dollas

Sucka you know the poem

Cause either you pimpin this game

Or you just hoin

Now get up outta mine


I'm the bomb

Droppin heat on your homeboys

And spreadin like napalm

Cause I got more styles than your car's got miles

And I

Got more styles than a hotel's got towels

Cause I kicks it in

So many ways (Uh huh and we can flip it in)

So many ways (Cause we can rock a party)