Rhythm Al Ism

DJ Quik


Ladies & gentlemen boys & girls pimps playas & women of the night

welcome to the world of Rhythm al ism.

Now since this is my intro I'ma do somethin' a little crazy check it


We gon' show off a little bit now watch it 'cause these ain't no




I glide smooth over any groove to prove that I can keep

on flowin' lyrics to the rhythm like a ride never tongue tied

chillin' with the D K.K. AMG Suga Free Hi-C El D in the

P-E-N-T-H-O-U-S-E You'll see a whole 'nother different

other side of me 'cause this is only part of me I snap

my fingers twice and like a bird your bitch'll fly to me

because she's overwhelmed you know I gets the round

when I kick it my name is Quik & ask the chicken to

let me stick it when she trick it my boys can hit the chicken

roll deep like a Navy SEAL got her squirmin' like a eel

to kiss her on the cheek is rather ?? I rather rub my hand

go way up in her skirt & make her scream so scream hoe up

If I trick another track it keep her coming back girls keep

pubbin' it suckas steadily rubbin' it & I'ma keep rubbin' it in

yo' face got it tight with the "-isms" hmph now welcome

to the world of the RHYTHM-AL-ISM!!!!!