DJ Quik


I rough voco for my locos.

My nigga Hi C 2nd II None AMG

And the Q U the new

You knew

I (?) to any particular groove

I came ok now

Check it if you want to but it's all in vein

Because me game is stil the same


Fill me as I fill you in

I never rode a pony but I'm genuine

So give me just a little bit of nicotine

And a sticky greeen

And I'm a hit it with the icky cream

Booyah I hit her on the neck with a whip

And made the hooker jump without a safety net

Hit the ground break her back

Get up and do it again because she can really take a shot on the chin

caffeine cappucino chase it with some no-doz

Up all night like the moon glows

Searching for new hoes

They really want to follow my lead

indeed and give a nigga just what I need


When I'm on speed

I'm faster then most

And I can rock a party from coast to coast

The Q-U-I-K is the name I spell

124 beats per minute I rock well

Because I'm tight to the second power

When I hit the liquor

And I don't serve emcees

I'm serve dickas

Bang bang boogie

When I hit a shot of loogie

And the Booger try to put it on me

But I get that moves to show her

I flaunt it like Noah

I strut backside like a Boa

Constrictor when I dicked her down

Game feel just like a circus clown when I work this

Jack of all trades

Master to few

Test these test these 1, 2

Gettin down with my nigga AM to the G in the PM

Hookers wanna see him

Big cat callin

Superfat ballin


Give us what we need

When I