Itz Your Fantasy

DJ Quik

Baby baby baby baby baby

Who taught you how to do this shit?

Yeah you bad than a motherfucker

Tell me why are you so curious

And why you keep on starin'

At the motherfuckin' zipper on these jeans

That I'm wearin' cause baby what's in there

Is beyond your wildest dreams

And although it seems that I'm on the nigga hoe team

Girl listen listen Mary don't you weep

I don't come cheap and I'm not just no nigga off the street

I'm a certified specialized pro

Who's got a lot of soul when you're swingin'

Off the end of my pole

But the matter at hand is the size

And how it makes ya act

When you get it up and in between your thighs

You could squirm and squeal and try to make a deal

That'll keep me on your jock

For whenever you get that feelin' for the real

And when it gets swollen

You think you'll be controllin' me

Because I put the pole in your hole, see

But however it's done, it's 68 and I owe you 1

I'm doin' it for the thrill of it

So tell me can you feel it?


Itz your fantasy baby, tell me if you feel it

You know you wanna feel it

Itz your fantasy, sing it if you feel it

Okay, let's find a place, somethin' out of dodge

Like the Quality Inn or the Travelodge

Since I'm goin' out of my way

Baby you pay for the spot

See it's only right since you gettin' the cock

Now tell me who's gonna get the rubbers?

First things first, yes I like a bitch

Who carries Lifestyles in her purse

So since you know the play

Close the curtains all the way

And get ready for a toss and some rib sauc