Jus Lyke Compton (clean)

DJ Quik

Finally got a chance to leave the C P T

Off to other cities to trip

No longer just an underground hit

Movin thangs... a local brother made good

I made a name off of making tapes for homies in the hood

And now let me tell a little story

About the places that I been to and the shit that I been through

Like fightin and shootouts and bangin and trip

All because I came out with a hit check it

Nineteen-ninety-one, while everybody else is smokin the splits

I was thinkin of the fonky hits

About hoochies and playaz and gettin drunk and off that bud

I was doing the things they hadn't heard of

But foolish was I to think that it wasn't no other cities like this

And that they didn't like this

That Compton was the home of the gangster class

Where you got blast and knowledge, that's a thing of the past

Let me tell ya why firsthand, we did a show up in Oak-land

And brothers was kickin up sand, to them bangin ain't nothin new

And slangin ain't nothin new

And for every sucker we done shot

They done shot two

Straight doin dope since the sixties, before I was born

Families of hardheads mourn

So I'm just letting you know

That if ya plan to take a trip to the bay

Keep your hand on the clip

Becaue Oakland...

Yeah, I'm telling y'all Oakland...

Moving on to St. Louis, where they thinki they be buffin

with gold teeth in they mouth but they still know whassup

And the summer is kinda hot

Hot enough to make ya cuss

And that's why I stayed on the bus

But later on when it cooled off we came down and made a couple of


Who put us up on the St. Louis cap

The Smith Center, with Big Bob, Little Steve, Tojo, Biss and Rich

and a couple of hoochies