Get At Me

DJ Quik

(Now I got to cut ya...)

Yeah ha ha that's right. 'Cause it's like this

Yeah it's gotta be like this. Nigga.

Verse 1

It used to be a CPT thang (what)

but now it's just an all me thang (yeah)

because I'm tired of this gizame (right)

I'm through playin' for a crew

that ain't got my back

when I'm the one who done

created the sack

Mister You Know Who remember me

I met you when I was P.P.C.

and you wadn't nothin' but a scrub

wearin' plaid pants and bubble gums

and beggin' for grub

and then when ya hips start growin'

you tripped and flipped and skipped out

know what I'm talkin' 'bout

Not even thinkin' 'bout the times

when Kay Kay took yo' ass in

'cause you didn't have a dime

Nigga couldn't even say thanks for the trouble

I would've spanked yo' ass on the double

'Cause when ya didn't have a place to stay

you little round the way girl

my nigga took yo' way

and that way all my homies had yo' back

Because together they knew we had a fat ass sack

but you couldn't stand the guns

Couldn't wait to take ya


money and run

Kay Kay should've knew the motto of life (what's that)

that ya can't turn a hoe into a housewife (ha ha)

Because you left a lot of people unhappy nigga

You in debt and ya need to get at me


I'm gonna let ya know it (that's right)

I'm gonna let ya know it (so ya need to get at me)

I'm gonna let ya know it (huh)

I'm gonna let ya know it (you need to get at me)