True Believer


-Uhh yeah!

I have my hair high and low

Anywhere the wind blows

I'm doing M.P.H anywhere my soul goes

I'm hell riding and gasoline feed

That's all I need for the life that I lead

I'm a true believer Yes I am

You try and get me if I can

Yeah! I'm riding alone and I've drugged my senses

There's no one else to take the consequences

See when the day is gone free & the night creeps up on me

I take my B.M.W that's where I wanna be...

I'm a true believer Yes I am

And you try to get me if you can

Get me! Honk!! Honk!!! Argh.!!

True believer Yes I am.

True believer Yes I am..

True believer Yes I am...

True believer Yes I am....

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