The Truth About You


Yeah, the thruth is

Over and over I know

Slower and slower things grow

It might not be pretty I know

But, the change is happening slow

You've found a pitifull tongue

Yeah, it translates what you've become

Worse than crazy - you're dumb..!

So, I say see ya

I wouldn't wanna be ya'

Everything is clearer

The truth about you..

You got noone to lie to

Noone there to cry to

I just want to say goodbye to..

- The truth about you..

The truth is..

Love arrives and it dies

Old darknesses, childhood lies..

We all got our own disguise

I just wish you'd be more of a surprise

Until I'm gone and all grown

I'll always want someone to own

But, with you - I just want to be alone

I don't mind the coming down

It's the way it's got to be

I only hope I'm left inside

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