When the day goes into itself

And into my veins

And your hands are caught with mine

You are in my veins

A breeze in the curtains of time

Silhouettes of people in line

Yeah, while the chill wind blows

You're in my veins

Attacks and strategies are new

Rearranging my attitudes to you

Yeah, I fear that things aren't as good as I hoped

Yeah, I hear through the phone, that you sound so remote

No, I don't cry - it's just a candybar stuck in my throat

I just choked - Yeah, I just choked

I'm liquid - whenever you're near

I'm in your veins

Not the same alone so I fear..

I'm in your veins

So strong that you have no wish

You're safe from enemies

But I know where you go

I'm in your veins

Attacks and strategies...

Yeah, when you said it - you didn't mean today

Surely you said it - but, you meant yesterday

Some other time you said, jokingly,

The hope in me - awoke in me..

Choke - hey, I just choked

Yeah, I fear...

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