Soft Dogs


Wrong words

Out of confusion

Yeah, I risk losing

The flesh you wear so well

Lost words

Eating away with no patience

Noone mentions

Our hearts like a small machine


And finding the place where your soul is

It's just that I know this

It's near the wound - it's near the pain


To the warm red water

Making me smaller

And soft as tears - soft as rain

I'm finally on my knees

The stupid pride recedes

Baby, I'm all ears..


I hear every word you're sayin'

Baby, I'm a soft dog at your feet

Wrong turns

Maybe I ordered

But, you followed

Me straight to hell

And wild words

Like I know what I'm doing

Like I know who I'm using

I can never tell..


The kiss of life that I'm giving

I've been afraid for no reason

Again this feels like home

I'm finally ...

Yeah, it's nothing but spoken words

But, it's the words that hurts

And some will never be said again ..

Mistakes, we'll quickly forget it

The one false line, I really regret it

Because the original scratch remains

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