It Changes Everything


Enter the dreamhouse

Leave your history at the door

This place is for heroes

Like it's never been before

Don't guess a future

You don't know how or where it'll end

Senseless 'n' needless..

Maybe we'll learn to sleep again

It changes everyhting

But in the wrong direction

It changes everything

And what we turn into

Love conquers all

But evil won today

It changes everything

It changes everything .....

The world's falling to pieces

A sound so loud; it fades out slow

I've got nowhere to take you

Maybe except where I might go

The sky will be full now

Of money talking bombs

Carving their headlines

Just before the next one comes

It changes everything ...

Like birds that aren't in cages

They fly about on wings

Keep you awake forever

A dream that's constantly steady

It changes everything

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