Riding With Sue


We went out riding

Me and my girlfriend Sue

Riding through the desert

Where noone ever gets through

We got off our horses

And laid down in the sand

Suddenly I noticed

That we were in Disneyland..

- And I was looking at the sky

Looking at the *** above

Thinking 'bout the days

When we were still in love

Sweet, sweet, sweet harmless love...

We saw the hills in the distance

Their shape was coming clear

Her voice was full of tension

As she whispered in my ear:

- If you take me there I'll make you fly!!

(She petted my hand and she gave me the eye...)

- We'll be closer to God - Oh me, oh my

I didn't know she was going to die!


We was heading for the mountains

And we started climbing up...

But when we reached the viewpoint

Sue decided to drop - Aaaaaaaargh

She fell for an hour

Turning 'round and 'round like a wheel

And when she hitted the bottom

I knew my heart would never heal!!!

Now I'm looking at the stars...

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