No One Answers


Mr. Smarty held a party - Yeah, and noone came then his brother

Held another - Guess what? - Yeah, just the same!

Still so common, no matter how hard they try.

Eat the dead; but leave the wounded... Yeah!

I can take it, and I don't take it personally

The eye turned inwards of the inside world - way too many parties &

Way too many pals - Hey, I could be falling, yeah! But, I'm fine

And if I should roll over - I don't mind - I'll need a coca-cola

And they don't hear me. So they don't answer back

Listening for the cry to match the cry inside of me

Levis & Lee - they're never as blue as me

Just came to tell you, I got pissed on my way here

Letting go of all stern warnings, yeah - and it's weird

Trying to be different - not a chance - get back on my quadrant

And they don't hear me, so they don't answer back

They don't listen, so they don't answer back

Yeah, they don't hear me, so they don't answer back

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