Mother Man


You say there's freedom

Within our nature

Well I don't think you understand

Mother Earth has fallen to Mother Man

The Air, the Sea, the Grass, the Trees,

The nemesis is the major,

Fearless leader Mother Man.

Come on take a look

At what's become

Of the existence that leads

Or so we think

That's always a popular phrase

It suits the laws written

By dear Mother Man,

Those heavy hands.

What man creates man will surely destroy

The rule of thumb

In the mouths of little boys

Earth spins delight

We kill everything in sight

To serve the needs

And all purple skies will bleed

And a bird flies weak

Against polluted skies

Before it dies

And nature becomes illegal

According to rules

Made by fools

Sift through the information

Everlasting hesitation

To reveal all knowing vices

All the compomising prices

Untouched by the law binders

Setting standards to remind us

That the ink has dried

Behind the goal

We wish to achieve is gone