Talking to yourself

You say things

No one ever hears

Knowing yourself better

Than anyone ever could

Bet you never thought you would

Honesty prevails in thought

You just can't lie to yourself

A patch of lucrid decisions

A thought of fame and wealth


A caravan or process if you will

A stream of conscious waves

A prostitute of ideas

A maze of tracing knowledge

First and foremost feed your head !

Retrieve all that flows with memory

Obtain all you know with sensories

Approaching every act with contemplation

Attacking every-vision with indecision

Conditioning is a routine of minds

Recruiting all the intellect it finds

Insecurity is merely your fear

Of maybe the outside hearing what you hear

Can't let 'em see,

Don't let 'em hear

Projecting like an airplane in flight

I dream of things

That just aren't quite right

A projecter shines on the back of my eyes

So my position of perception can rise

[Repeat chorus]

Insecurity is merely your fear

Of maybe the outside

Hearing what you hear

Don't let 'em see,

Can't let 'em hear