Numbness, see your fingers turn purple, would you rather burn?

Catching your breath, I'll let you choose your death

Cast your life of agony, I'll dump your body in the sea

I'll drown you while laughing, you know I will destroy you

If chainsaws are your fantasy, I'll cut your body into three

Slicing and grinding, you know that life's not binding

So strangulation is your game, you know I always please to maim

My service to you, to watch your face turn blue

I know your mind, it must be yielding, I'll throw you off a real-tall


You can't be found, you're splattered on the ground

I'll still your wrist and let you die, you know they'll call it suicide

Blood on the ceiling, I know how you are feeling

If you'd like to be cremated or maybe decapitated

Speak up now or I'll decide just how

Now you've waited way too long, I knew your mind was not that strong

you've list your chance, so I will choose your death