A bounded sphere of wisdom

Spinning to create the now

Upon it all will wonder who, what, where, and how

Liquid covers most of her features

Sunlight covers one site at a time

Breathes in to keep everything closer

So it's never far away from

"Earth"!!! That little planet on the hill

Turning out days to guide by

Each with its own display

Some with voltage spinning from the skytop

Some with light in a peaceful way

An appearance second to no other

Such a magnificent face

So broad and full of perspective

Known to everyone as...

"Earth"!!! That little planet on the hill

Seems Earth could last forever

But for us it's not the same

The neglect to protect the creation

Leaves us little chance to remain

All in all it seems to go around in circles

Like the path followed by the moon

Enhanced by the human evolution

The wisdom of the

"Earth"!!! That little planet on the hill