Room With A View


Lie half-alive in my hospital bed

Or to some of you that may be half-dead

I.V. machines running to my veins

Man-made life restores my withered remains

A mirror of sorts appears before my being

My human end has come, that's all that I see

Now that my soul it set free

I'm classified dead now, it seems

My destiny plunders on through

I'm granted a room with a view

Nurses and interns gathering at my side

I try to yell at them, I haven't died

As I project, my soul emerges from fear

I soon remember all the reasons I'm here

How strange, I thought that I could see myself

A different light, sight, sound and smell

A different experience, a new world

Almost unhuman to me

See them cart me away

I venture to a new day

Human inhibitions are gone

Emotions are few

I'd pass up any life

For a room with a view