Enthralled In Essence


I've scaled over the walls of morality

Not quite sure what I'd find

There on the other side

Waiting in a common stance

Relieve me of my duty

As keeper of this body

Just leave me with my mind

And I assure you

I will be just fine

Tears stream from cheek

Of a man whose body his mind does not seek

A very gruelling rendition

Of a human soul's indecision

The qualities of a finer being

Locked well within this shell

Crying out to be released

To a body that serves as well

Malformed at birth

You see what it's worth

In a mirror I ask why

Such a shame, wanting to die

In a past lifetime

I feel I've had mine

Shared with no one

Excuse me I must go now !

Unhappy as he exits

Unhappy as he came

Enthralled in the Essence

The Essence of life to be