And The Psychic Saw


And so the Psychic Saw

Meaningful ends and the thrill of it all

To be an equal of infinity's divine

Searching the cosmos for erected confines

Bursting within the motherland

The excess soon will exceed demand

That I see

Man's existence is to form resistance

The timeless reluctance

The all forgotten purpose

Your spectacle of actions

Is the tell tale of my visions

Oh now I, see it clear

You wish to be relieved

Of all fear

Don't worry yourself

Prepare your senses

Until, the knowledge, commences

And so the Psychic Saw !

Visions !

The land and sea, Beauty !

And so the Psychic Saw meaningful ends

Become the meaning of it all

To set the stage

For the fears that will be

To pull the curtain

For the whole world to see