An Incarnation's Dream


It all seems so strange

The mutes the bums

The dogs with mange, the poor,

Doesn't anybody help themselves anymore

I guess not

Barefoot pregnant women

Little kids with snot on their face

A land of plenty, a dynasty of disgrace !

I'll manifest for you

Careening on the outer limits of reality

My mission to create a better galaxy

I must not fail them now,

I look inside to see that it's clear

Living life is just not enough

You must persevere

Please grab hold

Not to things that are bought

But to things that cannot be sold,

Then you'll see

You're released by trial and error

The world's prophecy is to learn

A candle lit from the bottom

Will soon start to burn

Don't dignify, a false spy in the sky

Re-route your path

With the blink of an eye

Walking around with a mind of your own

With a glance to the past

You can see we have grown

How much we have grown

It's been my dream

To enter the stream

To let carnates know

What life really means

If one understands

That's all I can ask

Life to you

is such a wretched task !