Tekilla Sunrise

Kool G. Rap

Killers in spanish villas in Sante Fe

Eses all about hammer play

Desell Marachi preferred to watch me

It's a Tekilla Sunrise over the sky

Tea rocks in the watch be flaring but hot see

Got these from my nigga Vatche

How big your blanks be ain't nothin scot free

I'm ready to cop three talk to me papi

before the shots put out the Nazi's

Call off your Rockies

Yo pap they cockin back the glocksies

Pap had to stop three, two sombreros ready to

mop me, drop me, proceeded with the head of the click

Bread in their fingertips

The sly chick came out with three bricks

from out of the V-6, yeah mami like peep this

Yeah you got that sweetness

This ebony G's to bust open

One of the bastard get the heavenly freeze

I'm runnin with these

Yo hasta luego, amigos

And up and away we go

before they decide to bring the beef burritos

While they count the Fritos

I'm makin my way to the G-S-3-oh-oh

Big bag of the megalitos, three whole kilos

Spot about four vitos

with bullet belts filled up with torpedos

I'm leavin niggaz tore meat though when I draw heat yo

Tryin to leave me dead in the street yo

Mami ?? con tigo

Showdown at sunset, I'm leavin one wet

Slowly I step, my head sweats, my hand on my Tec

I die for my respect, let the slugs and bodies connect

All for the wreck, gotta support my rep on the set

Tekilla Sunrise, my two wives, decides who lives or dies

Leavin my rivals, flat on they back facin the sky

From out the left, took your last breath, death in disguise

With open eyes you dead in the desert, Tekilla Sunrise

I'm cockin on low, ready to hurt foes on dirt roads

Makin my hand jerk fro