Ghetto Knows

Kool G. Rap

Chorus: repeat 2X

Yo you gotta go you gotta go you gotta go

(G: And aiyyo what you don't know believe the ghetto knows)

[Kool G. Rap]

New York New York the city that never sleeps

Bodies covered in white sheets are layin in the streets

Shit gets deep as we creep up the block by the kids slangin rocks

and holdin glocks stolen from the cops to get props

You gotta split a top on the regular

or get plugged in your mug, from a slug, by your competitor

Gunshots echo throughout the city like thunder, no wonder

Another brother six feet under

You know it ain't no jokin when the streetlights are broken

So keep your eyes open, or get ready for a, smokin 'loc

Step out of line, I hope you got your nine gun son

The Smith and Wess', you better press 9-1-1 (word up)

or make a run for it there's too many to tackle

The Big Apple'll put your ass on ice like a Snapple

So even though I rap I gots to stay strapped

Niggaz act up I back up (PI-YAH)

I bust a cap inside your fuckin hat

Don't even pose with them hoes, the swinger that you chose

just might be down with the foes, only the shadow knows

And ain't no lollipop, lollipop over here only the shottie pops

(BOOM) Now just sit back and watch the bodies drop

The younger gunmen got the bigger niggaz runnin

The shorties (what) the shorties (what) the shorties are comin

to push a nigga wig back, and leave his ass flat on his back

The motherfuckin ghetto knows, and it's like that


[Kool G. Rap]

Today's headlines, another nigga dead

Six to the body and fo' to the head

Followed the red bitch in the bed full of lead

A drug-related case and now the place is filled with Feds