Foul Cats

Kool G. Rap

Intro/Outro: repeat 2X

Foul cats scheamin up the setup

Tryin to leave me and my cream wet up

Two in the head leaded up

Call the coroners to make they bed up

Infrared shit from neck up

Before they got to lit the tec up

[Kool G Rap]

It was a setup my nigga got hit they blew his chest up

The hollow tips ripped his vest up son is messed up

and blessed up; call my cast up it's time to dress up

Four-fifth and Smith-n-Wessed up, ready to press up

and fuck their nest up, the enemy is Hennessey to sessed up

Actin up, hit my motherfuckin man up

Never again will he stand up, yo Big Jan hook the plan up

Pull the masks, pull the van up

These niggaz tryin to hit the fam up; these small times cats

Yo fuck that, I can't see that, where them niggaz be at?

Where they hang at? Where they live at? Where they slang at?

(Aiyyo Son one is a known cat, he walk around with the chrome gat

This hoodrat know where the nigga home at)

Well here's a quarter baby, go and phone that

This motherfucker bout to get his shit blown back

His whole dome clapped, we cock back the gats and started cruisin

Up the boulevards and avenues-n, I'm short fusin

and two biscuit usin; mad hot but, not in the mood for losin

We hit the strip pickin up clues and

we on the heels of this nigga shoes and

out the blue when, we see the chick the nigga screwin

Pushin his whip with the ice cuban

Hemmed her up sweet, put heat to her wig piece, the zig piece

to this nig's beefs, this bitch named Charise

from East New York, listen bitch, you better talk

Or get your whole frame surrounded, with white chalk

Pulled the rat in back of the van, bitch we don't want you

we want your man, you understand?

The hoe s