Da Bosses Lady

Kool G. Rap

featuring Chameleon

(Scarface excerpt) That chick hes with....she like me. Oh she likes you

huh? How do you know? The eyes Chico....they never lie. What are you

serious? Yeah I'm serious....What do you think? Man thats the bosses

lady you're gonna get us killed. The bosses lady? fuck you man!....the

bosses lady...huh...that guys soft....you got some of that for

me?...would you kiss me if I wear that hat?

Verse 1 (Kool G. Rap)

I had to have her, since my first glance at her

pimp stance at her

watchin' men throwin' Banjamins and Grants at her

bottles of Italy and France at her

advance at her, spit romance at her

Champagne glasses chatter

ass fatter than that actress up in Family Matters

lips thicker than Mick Jaggers

dick so hard the shit could stab her

she pushed a sick Jaguar

paint shined like it was black lacker

she carried a small gat for back up

whole shit spectacular

peepin' out her frame, walkin' in back of her

she had the hour glass shape

had my blood flowin' fast paced

past late, get that ass raped, fast tied up with mask tape

mad papes, I could tell by the way she was draped

her sex mate's caked up like Drake's

he's got the crib by the lake

wanted by the jakes

for takin' powder weight outta state

they straight sorrounded his crib with tower gates

garden lookin' like a flowered wake

every hour he make about enough dough to spoil this bitch sour

sex, money, and power, pussy good enough to devour

I hit her up inside the marble tiled shower

then snapped back to reality

he said her name was Valerie

dont fuck around with that Ho, a nigga's on the salary

pockets too low calorie