Daddy Figure

Kool G. Rap

(Talking) whasup girl? I know that ya man and all but yo what you see

in that nigga? you need to get with a nigga like me for real does he

got one of these GS 4's? Navigator system and everything word up....

Chorus (Singing) Thats all I wanted was someone special someone

sacred in my life Baby won't you be my Daddy Figure......

Verse 1

I regulated you from fake dudes to lake views

minks with laced jewels

nails, hairdo's and facials

placed you in snake shoes

did it up right, took the six night seven day cruise

the beige creludes

your pockets stay full, upgraded you, made me wait too

I made you my suede boo, main chick, wifey and Angel

put ten Karrots on your wrist, five on your ankle

my whole angle, allow you in my triangle

to shine and twinkle, eat steak off a platinum single

these other cats is rectangles, they sweat bad girls

they Bullwinkles, tricks of Rip Van Winkles

but now you mingle with a real cat that gets the Pringles

and all you gotta be is thankful that we can see the sea food menu's

push whips, hit all the venues

fly gear sharp as Ginsu's

stare at the other pairs of gym shoes

as long as you continue, to keep it genu

never pretend to, I know its in you

the true Mommi, jigged out female Armani

with tight Nani, sippin' on Cristal and Donny

roll with mad Parmesani

pretty the most, no lactose, had to play you close

fataly attracted like Glen Close

made other men ghost

staright overdose of high post

you rollin' with me, rich mans wife live your life in luxury,

deluxe VP's

hologram covered T.V''s

300 E with the CD

sip Martini's in Tahiti

Jamaican Rum inside the Kiwi